Why I return to Skyrim time and again

Why I return to Skyrim time and again

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Setting the Scene

Skyrim is a massive role playing game that’s part of the Elder Scrolls gaming saga developed by Bethesda. If you have played this beast of a game then you will know just how much game play is contained in such a tiny package. I seem to have phases of playing the Elder Scrolls games for long periods of time without letting up, almost taking over, and then afterwards I wont touch the game for another few years. Video game burn out as we’ll call it.

Video Game Burn Out

When I was much younger, I played the previous game in the series: “Oblivion” on my brother’s Xbox 360 (maybe not entirely with his knowledge) and I really enjoyed the wide open world created in the game. Later, when I managed to finagle an Xbox 360 of my very own, I played Skyrim for the first time and boy did I play that game. I was not working at the time, I had just finished college and a lot of my days were spent totally engrossed in the game, to the point where I was definitely spending too much time gaming. But that subsided and I burned out again and stopped playing.

Another Burn Out

Another year or so later, when I saw Skyrim the Legendary Edition for sale for the PS3, I decided to jump in again and see how far I could get this time. I rolled a new character and played to my heart’s content. This time though, work and a social life meant that I didn’t play this game for very prolonged periods of time and finally, after not playing the game for about a week, I more or less lost interest in where I was in the game and again the game began to gather dust in the drawer. Another burn out!

Here We Go Again

This brings me to now.. it is just after the E3 announcement that a new Elder Scrolls game is in the works and that a new Fallout game (Fallout 76) is on the way, the pangs of Skyrim can be felt once again. Am I crazy? I loaded up the game, created a brand new character and I am already well on my way to taming dragons and saving the world. My new goal this time, however unrealistic, is to achieve all the Trophies from the game, of which there are about 50.

Having Doubts

A few hours into my very long first day of playing Skyrim again I started to wonder how much is too much game play? I started to think about just how much time I had spent playing this game until that point. In the past I had used this game almost as an escape from day to day. Maybe that’s what I am doing now, maybe it’s just boredom or maybe I am just crazy, but for now I am back into this game.

Trying To Avoid Video Game Burnout

This time around though, I am going to play around with different ways of not spending my life playing this game in an effort to progress further into the game and to avoid video game burn out. I have thought about just setting daily / weekly time limits for playing the game, this is probably something that I will try first. The next option will likely involve limiting the number of quests I complete in a day / week. Another option will be to only play Skyrim on certain days. These are just a few thoughts that are floating around in my head at this point. I am hoping to try each of these methods out and see what works best for me.

I would love to hear from you

I would be interested to learn more about ways of managing game play so I will be doing some more research. In the mean time, I would love to hear from you? is there a tip or trick that you use to not burnout on gaming? Do you set a timer or do you have an app that shuts everything down after a certain period of time? Am I just nuts.. maybe a little but anyway I would love to know more from you all so please leave a comment below!

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