Hi there, my name is Michelle.

I began gaming as a youngster like most people. However, after a prolonged absence from gaming I decided to create this blog in 2018 to restart my gaming journey. More recently I started a Podcast and YouTube channel to accompany this blog. 

At Gamercreatrix, I focus on PlayStation gaming for beginners and beyond. If you are completely new to gaming or just new to PlayStation then this is the place to start. I create easy to follow and informative guides for you to read, watch or listen to.

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Some Common Gaming Terms

The culture of gaming, as with any culture has developed a wide variety of terms and abbreviations to refer to common gaming mechanics or practices.

It can be easy to feel left out of the conversation when these terms come up. That’s why it’s great to stay up to date with the latest lingo.

Below you can see the common gaming terms that I talk about on a pretty regular basis.

1 Gaming Backlog

The gaming backlog refers to the games that you own but have not yet played through and or completed. 

Many gamers have a mountainous gaming backlog which can be a challenge to overcome. I always enjoy talking about the gaming backlog and how you can beat it.

2 Gaming Tool Kit

A gaming tool kit refers to the tools and equipment every gamer should own in order to clean, repair, and maintain their video game collection (games, consoles, controllers, and accessories).

Gaming tool kits are extremely useful and important to start assembling as you continue on your gaming journey.

3 Starter Pack

A starter pack is a guide on the recommended items to buy in order to get started with a games console. For example, a PlayStation 4 starter pack would include a console, controllers, other peripherals, maybe PlayStation VR as well as the best games to get started with. 

Each starter pack contains a list of the best gear to get you started as well as informative descriptions of everything you need to know.

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