Pokémon Quest Guide - Going on expeditions

Pokémon Quest Guide – Going On Expeditions

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Going on expeditions with your team is the bread and butter of Pokémon Quest. An expedition is a battle ground, or a dungeon if you prefer, that you navigate through to battle wild Pokémon.

Expeditions are typically broken up into 3 or more waves of Pokémon battles where you fight a boss Pokémon at the end to complete the expedition.

Going on expeditions not only allows you to progress through the game, but it also allows you to level up your team and find items.

About Expeditions

From the expeditions screen you can see that there are a number of different areas of tumblecube island that you can explore. You can unlock new areas by completing each area.

Each area is divided up into a number of levels with increasing complexity the higher you go.

As mentioned briefly in Building your Pokémon Team, each area offers a different type bonus to give you an advantage on your expeditions. Building your team to incorporate this type bonus can sometimes increase your team’s battle power greatly and will make things easier (most of the time).

Prepare for an Expedition

The most important step you can take to prepare for your expedition is to make sure your team is in order. Check out my guide on Building your Pokémon Team for more tips and advice on this.

With your team in order, something else worth double checking is that you have placed all of your decorations. The main decorations that you unlock by progressing through the game provide extra xp gain for Pokemon of a certain level. Other decorations that you can buy through the store offer an array of further bonuses that will become active when placed at your campsite. So before setting off on an expedition, it is a good idea to make sure you are getting the most out of it.

One final thing you will need to check before going on an expedition is the amount of battery charge you have available. Obviously if you have no charge then you can’t go on an expedition. If this is the case you will need to wait around for your charge or spend 25 PM tickets to refill your battery.

Going on an Expedition

With everything checked and ready to go, it is time to go on an expedition. To do this, make sure you are on the Expeditions screen, then select your level.

Once the level starts, you will be thrown into battle with your team and it’s time to start fighting! You should see something like what is shown below:

  • 1 – Pause Button – This button will pause the game when selected. From the pause window you can view the items you have picked up so far, resume your current expedition or quit your current expedition.
  • 2 – Item Counter – These 2 displays show you the amount of items you have picked up on your expedition. The left counter corresponds to power stones and the right counter corresponds to ingredients.
  • 3 – Current Progress – As you progress through the expedition you will see how far you are from completing by checking this display.
  • 4 – Flee Button – This button allows your Pokémon to temporarily flee from battle. This can be extremely useful if timed right. Note: this option is only available during manual play and disappears when you change to auto battle mode.
  • 5 – Team Attacks – This is the main area of the expedition screen as it allows your Pokémon to perform attacks on enemy Pokémon.
  • 6 – Auto / Manual Button – This button toggles auto and manual battle mode. In auto battle mode, you can just sit back and relax as your Pokémon battle away. Note: This should only really be used if you are going back through older areas that can be beaten with ease. On the other hand then, manual battle mode allows you to take control of your team to win!

Success – You Have Passed the Expedition

If you manage to defeat the boss, congratulations you have passed! You will have all the items you discovered added to your bag and your Pokémon team will level up accordingly. You have passed this expedition and you have unlocked the next level.

Oh Dear – Your Team Did Not Make It

If all of your Pokémon are defeated in battle then unfortunately you lose. Hey, it happens to all of us. Luckily though, if you managed to pick up some useful items you can pay 10 PM tickets to add them to your bag.

If you are consistently losing and are stuck in an area here is some advice:

  • Review your team to make sure you are using the best Power Stones and Move Stones.
  • Are you using the strongest Pokémon you have? Consider changing up your team.
  • Consider changing up your team to make use of the type bonus in that area.
  • Ensure you have a good mix of close range and long range Pokémon on your team.
  • Do you have lots of duplicate Pokémon that you can sacrifice for training your team?
  • You might just need to go back to lower levels in order to train up your team!

Expedition Bonus

The expedition bonus meter is something that you build up over the course of going on expeditions. It takes 10 expeditions to fill up the bonus meter. Once it is full, the next expedition you go on and win will earn you a rare item.

Note: It is important for this expedition to go on the highest difficulty level that you can as the items that you earn are based on the expedition level.

Sign Off

That about covers it for this guide on Pokémon Quest. If you enjoyed reading this guide or any of the other guides available on my blog, please feel free to leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you and getting your feedback. Stay tuned for more guides in the coming weeks and months 🙂

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