Pokémon Quest Guide – Building Your Pokémon Team

Pokémon Quest Guide – Building Your Pokémon Team

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Building up your Pokémon team is a fundamental part of the game in Pokémon Quest and it is easy to do once you understand a few basics. With this basic information in your head you’ll be on your way to the top on no time! To begin editing your team, select the Edit Team button.

Team Structure

The structure of your Pokémon team overall, including range, attacks, type, health and move set will have an impact on how well you do during expeditions so it is important for you to consider this when choosing your team. Each Pokémon in your team of three will be denoted by a different color, either Red, Green or Blue. You can rearrange anyone on your team to be any colour (I don’t believe the colours do anything special here but correct me if I am wrong).

Close Range and Long Range Team

Pokémon on your team can be either close range or long range. Close range Pokémon get right up close to the attacking Pokémon during fights where as long range Pokémon hang back and attack from a distance. As you can imagine it is a good idea to have a good balance of close and long range members on on your team.

In order to check which type of range a Pokémon is, simply select a Pokémon. The icon shown in the general stats window denotes if the Pokémon is close or long range.

On your team overview window you will see across the left hand side of the screen how your team is made up (shown on screenshot below).

Power Stones

Power stones are added to your Pokémon to boost their HP and Attack power. To start adding power stones to your Pokémon, select your Pokémon and press the Power Charms button.

Time to start adding those stones.. but wait, some of these stones have different icons, some of them are even different colours, what does this all mean? Well I’ll tell you!

Red Power Stones (shown below) are used to boost your attack power. The higher the number stone, the higher the boost.
Blue Power Stones (shown below) are used to boost your HP or health capacity. The higher the number stone, the higher the boost.

Within these two types of stones you will see that they can come in 4 varieties – Silver, Bronze, Gold and normal. Selecting a gold stone for example will show you that in addition to the basic stats bonuses you will also get other bonuses like increased critical hit rate or increased movement speed. Bronze and silver stones also offer bonuses but less impressive.

As you can imagine the gold stones are the best ones to add to your team but I have found it is important to have a balance of a high value stones and gold / bronze stones to give the best stats. It is a good idea to experiment with these configurations to see what suits your team.

To unset all of the currently added power stones from your Pokémon, select the reverse arrow icon. This removes everything except for the special stones.

Note: while it is possible to auto-set power stones to your Pokémon by pressing the Auto-Set button, I would not recommend this approach as it may not give you the best results!

Move Stones

While the power stones are added to Pokémon to increase their HP or attack power, move stones can be added to attacks to boost them in differing ways. The list of move stones and their effects are as follows:

  • Broadburst stone – Increases your attack width
  • Scattershot stone – Increases the number of attacks but reduces the attack
  • Sharing stone – Will increase effects for Pokémon on your team
  • Stay strong stone – Increases duration of attack effects
  • Wait less stone – Reduces the time between moves
  • Whack-whack stone – Increases number of attacks but increases time until next move

Again, it is a good idea to experiment with the addition of these stones to your team for maximum effect.


BINGO!! A bingo is achieved by placing power stones in any row of 3. A bingo bonus will increase your Pokémon’s stats in various ways. With each bonus that you achieve you will note the Pokeball icon lights up.

The more bingos you can get the better! Your current Bingo Bonus can be found by selecting the magnifying glass icon

From here then you can view the bingo bonus.

Pokémon Stats

Once you have added a number of power stones to your Pokémon, you will want to see the overall stats. To do this, select the magnifying glass icon and this will display your stats. To see your Pokémon stats overall, select the 3 item icon (shown below).

This will give you an overall view of your team’s attack / hp etc.

Type Bonus

This is a very important part of building your team as you progress through to the more difficult levels. Each area provides a different type bonus for every Pokémon you have on your team that matches your type.

This is based on the various weaknesses of Pokémon in that area. The more Pokémon you have of that type on your team, the higher your bonus. While this does mean you might have to spend some time building up your weaker Pokémon if you are stuck on a specific level, you will find that your attacks will be more effective overall. This is definitely worth considering especially if you become stuck and cannot pass a certain level.

Number of Attacks

As we mentioned briefly in the Power Stones section, your Pokémon will have various attacks they can use during battle. Depending on the individual Pokémon, they can have either 1 or 2 moves available to use. Many people tend to agree (though not all) that having just 1 move is the most efficient for your Pokémon as when you are running a level on auto there is only 1 move to choose from so you can land the most damage, in theory. While this makes sense in practice this is something else that you should consider when choosing a Pokémon to be on your team.

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