How I made a Pokéball perler bead necklace

How To Make A Pokéball Perler Bead Necklace

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How I made a Pokéball perler bead necklace
How I made a Pokéball perler bead necklace


Having recently purchased a wealth of perler beads from a recent Ikea trip, I needed to find a way to use them all!

So I took to Pinterest to find some inspiration. Creating a “perler bead inspo” board I started searching and pinning.

Something I quickly came across was the idea of a necklace made from a perler bead design. This looked pretty cool, so I decided to give it a go.

In this post I describe what I did to achieve this cool little necklace.

What I Used

  • Perler beads of assorted colors – I bought 2 boxes of Pyssla beads in Ikea during a recent trip so I had a ton. Here is the link to the Pyssla beads on Ikea’s website.
  • Perler bead peg board and paper – Ikea also happened to sell these things so that I could assemble my pattern and heat it up to fuse the beads together. Here is the link to the pegboard set on Ikea’s website.
  • Tweezers – This was extremely useful when dividing out the beads into the various colors. Also very useful for placing the bead onto the peg board.
  • A necklace – I found some very cheap necklaces in Penneys for €1 so I bought a couple.
  • Jump rings – It turns out I could have re-used the ones on the necklace but I ended up buying a pack of 20 for €1.50 in our local Range shop.
  • Jewelers Pliers – I think that’s what this type of pliers are called. I got mine from a soldering kit I had lying around but you could equally use any long rounded pliers.
  • A pattern to emulate – I did some research on Pinterest until I found a design I liked. Check out my board at this link. Depending on your pixelated design skills, you can either try your hand at making something from your head or get inspiration online.
  • Iron – This is what you use to heat up the beads under the paper to fuse them together. Use with caution, these things get hot!


  • I started by gathering together all of the parts for this project on a cleared off table. I also had a screenshot of my selected pattern on my phone. In hindsight, if I was to do this again I would probably just go as far as to print out the design so I didn’t have to keep looking at my phone.
  • I divided up the perler beads into their separate colors using the tweezers. Not all of them though.. after enough time I started to go cross eyed.
  • Next, I started assembling the pattern onto the peg board, following the pattern as I went. Luckily I chose a very simple, small Pokéball design so this didn’t require too much effort.
  • Now for the fun and dangerous part. I turned on my iron, placed the special paper over the design, and start ironing. By which I mean, very carefully, I start applying even heat over the paper and onto the beads so that I could start to see the colors of the beads through the paper. I was careful not to overhead the beads as the holes would close up and I wouldn’t be able to easily get the jump rings through. I had a bit of practice at doing this as I previously made a shadow box of Pokémon figures for Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu (check out my Instagram to see this photo).
  • With the front side heated, I flipped the whole design over and then applied heat to the other side to give a much more durable finish.
  • With my design created, and once it had cooled sufficiently (ouch!), I began to loop a jump ring through one of the perler bead holes.
  • I then removed the previous charms from the necklace I purchased from Penneys and added on my newly created design. I then made sure the jump ring was securely closed so it would not fall out.
  • Finally, I tried on the necklace to ensure it all remained in tacked and I was good to go!

The Result

The result of this quick and very fun project was a super cool Pokéball inspired necklace.

This is perfect to wear during the next Pokémon Go community day!

This was a very fun project to work on and didn’t really take too much time to complete.

I will definitely be making another necklace as soon as I can get some inspiration on what to make next. Perhaps a gym badge or a Pokémon design?

Sign Off

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings on how I completed this little project.

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