Best PlayStation Vita Starter Pack For Beginners

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Having recently purchased a PlayStation Vita, I was struck by the amount of console variations and accessories that are available.

I had to do my research before committing to a console to make sure I got the one I wanted.

With this in mind I have decided to start a series of “Starter Pack” posts so that other people in my position can make an informed decision as well.

These posts will contain a wealth of information that can be used if you are totally new to a console or would like to know more.

I will give advice on different console variations and provide a list of useful accessories that could be purchased in order to enhance your gaming experience.

So with all of that said let’s get into the PlayStation Vita starter pack!

PlayStation Vita Console Variations

There are 2 console variations for the Vita and between them there are very few differences bar a few small things.

PlayStation Vita 1000 – Original / Fat

  • The original model of the PlayStation Vita was released in early 2012.
  • This model features an OLED screen. This produces a slightly better picture when gaming but unless you are specifically looking I doubt you would notice the difference.
  • Physically, this model is more sturdy and slightly larger. The Start, Select and PS buttons are oblong in shape which some could argue makes them slightly more difficult to press.
  • Does not contain internal memory unlike the slim model.
  • This model has a proprietary charging port which requires a special cable for charging and data transfer.
  • Has a slightly shorter battery life when compared to the slim model.
  • Has less console color variations than the slim model, excluding special editions.

PlayStation Vita 2000 – Slim

  • The slim model of the PlayStation Vita was released in late 2013.
  • This model features an LCD screen.
  • Physically, as the name suggests, this model is slimmer in size. The Start, Select and PS buttons are circular which some could argue makes them easier to press.
  • Contains 1GB of internal memory which the original does not have.
  • This model features a micro USB port which is a much more common cable to get your hands on.
  • Has a slightly longer battery life when compared to the original model.
  • Has more console color variations than the original model, excluding special editions.

I ended up purchasing the original model partly because I found it for a pretty good price and partly because I liked the OLED screen.

How to tell apart the different versions

Other than the visual differences between the 2 versions of this console, the easiest way to tell the difference is by taking a glance at the model number located across the bottom of the Vita.

The last digits of the original model will read like “PCH1000” whereas the slim model will read like “PCH2000”.

PlayStation Vita Accessories

Vita memory card

One of the most difficult things to accept about the PlayStation Vita is the fact that it features a proprietary memory card slot.

If you’ve done a quick Google search for these things you will quickly realize they are ridiculously expensive to buy!

Your best bet is when you are buying one second hand that there is one already in there.. though this is a long shot.

My one luckily came with a 4GB memory card so I was able to get started playing some games.


If you are going down the route of modding your vita, this is essentially a memory card adapter that allows you to pop in a micro SD card then pop that into your Vita.

These cards vary in price and quality on eBay.

This adapter combined with a micro SD card will more than likely work out cheaper than the cost of the proprietary card.

Travel Case

Let’s face it, if you’ve forked out the money for this console, especially new, you will want to keep it protected when you’re travelling.

Screen protectors

Depending on your preference you may want to also order screen protectors for your console.

I am all for maintaining my games consoles and I would highly recommend getting a good screen protector.

Thumb grip covers

Again, if you are all about maintaining your console long term, thumb grip covers might be a good investment as they are normally pretty inexpensive.

Console shell cover

Like buying a case for your phone, it is also possible to purchase a shell cover for your Vita.

Again prices vary on these depending on the quality but it is worth spending the money on to ensure your console stays protected from accidental drops on the floor!

Console stickers (optional)

As with anything, there is the possibility of covering it with a sticker/vinyl. I personally don’t do this as I can only imagine the nightmare of having to remove.

That said, it could give you that little bit of uniqueness at an affordable price if that’s your type of thing.

Console grip

This is not something I would have initially thought of but having used one recently for this console, I am convinced this makes gaming on the Vita much more comfortable.

Prices for these types of grips can be pretty affordable so I would definitely recommend picking one up. Especially if you are inclined to game for long periods of time.

Some Starter Vita Games

I will be honest, I have not played a wealth of Vita games as of yet but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great titles out there.

Here are a few I can’t wait to play:

Don’t forget that you can download PS1 games from the Playstation Store as well.

This unlocks a whole host of fun and nostalgic games for you to play!

Finish Up

I hope you found this guide useful! I had a good time putting this together based on everything I’ve learned recently about this console.

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