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PlayStation Plus Games – September 2019

PlayStation Plus Games - August 2019
PlayStation Plus Games – August 2019

PlayStation Plus Games

Another month, another set of free PlayStation Plus games. This month’s selection of games is pretty great in my opinion and I can’t wait to start playing them. The last number of months have been OK as far as titles go but this month’s games definitely work for me. These are both games that I have been considering buying so I’m glad I waited.

Anyway, with all that in mind, lets dive into what this month’s games are and what they’re about.

August’s PlayStation Plus Games

The two games offered this month are:

  • Batman Arkham Knight
  • Darksiders 3

These 2 games are valued at €79.98 (which is a decrease in value from last month), but are free for you PlayStation Plus subscribers this month.

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight - PlayStation Plus
Batman Arkham Knight – PlayStation Plus


Batman Arkham Knight is the 4th installment in the Arkham series of games. Arkham Knight is set one year after the events of Arkham City.

You play as Batman, as you might have expected, as you attempt to take down the Scarecrow who is causing the destruction of Gotham city.

You will learn to make use of Batman’s arsenal of weapons, gadgets and even the bat mobile to traverse through the open world and put enemies in their place.

Release Date

June 2015


Rocksteady Studios


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Price before PS Plus



Beat em up Adventure

Metacritic Score

87/100 – Batman Arkham Knight – Metacritic

Trophy Hunting

My Take

For me this is a great choice of game for PlayStation Plus. I have played the other games in the Arkham series on my PlayStation 3 and can’t wait to dive into this game on my PlayStation 4.

As you may already know Batman Arkham Knight is part of the PlayStation Hits collection. This means that this game has sold particularly well over its lifetime and is pretty reduced in price. There’s a lot more information about PlayStation Hits on Wikipedia including what other games are on the list.

With that said, it makes sense that this game was selected for PlayStation Plus. This game has been out since 2015 so it makes sense to start re-releasing PlayStation Hits games via PlayStation Plus. This is a trend I’m expecting to continue with PlayStation Plus, especially with the anticipation of a next gen console in the air. Definitely something that I will be looking out for.

Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 - PlayStation Plus
Darksiders 3 – PlayStation Plus


Darksiders 3 continues the theme of following each of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, this time focusing on Fury who is the sister of War and Death.

Taking place in parallel with Darksiders 2, this game sees you hack and slash your way through the open world defeating enemies and solving various puzzles and challenges as you go.

Release Date

November 2018


Gunfire Games


THQ Nordic

Price before PS Plus



RPG Beat em up

Metacritic Score

64/100 – Darksiders 3 – Metacritic

Trophy Hunting

  • This game has 50 trophies that you can earn in the base game (not including DLC)
  • Average Completion: 39%
  • Platinum Achievers: 23.99%
  • Darksiders 3 – PSN Profiles

My Take

Another pretty well known series is Darksiders. Having played both 1 and 2, I was excited when 3 was released but never took the opportunity to buy it and try it out. Fortunately now I have the chance.

This game is a more recent release than Batman Arkham Knight having been released in 2018. This is not unheard of but definitely a newer game to be included on PlayStation Plus which is great.

I was pretty surprised to only see a 64/100 score on Metacritic for this title so I’m curious why that might be honestly. Once I start playing the game for myself I can start to form some opinions.

If this rating is accurate, it may be the case that they are trying to boost awareness and opinion on Darksiders 3 in the hopes that it might get more people into the series. Especially with a new game on the horizon: Darksiders Genesis which is scheduled for release later this year.

Conclusions and Observations

Overall for me this is a solid month of games. I have enjoyed previous games in these series and am looking forward to playing them.

With that said, part of me can’t help but wonder when we might start seeing more VR games on this list. With recent sales on the PlayStation store and a number of new VR games having been released in recent months it certainly seems like there is a big VR push currently. When will this start to filter down to the PlayStation Plus offerings I wonder?

PlayStation Plus Monthly Stats

You will find the stats for this month below:

Average Cost before PS PlusAverage Metacritic RatingAverage CompletionGenres
€79.98 75.533Beat em up

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