PlayStation Plus Free Games - October 2019

PlayStation Plus Games October 2019

PlayStation Plus Games

A super exciting month of games this month with the PlayStation Plus selection of games on offer. Something quite exciting and different this month was the fact that the games were announced during the September State of Play where another jaw-dropping trailer for The Last of Us Part 2 was shown.

As always, let’s take a look at this month’s games to see how they stack up against previous months of PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus Games October

The two games offered this month are:

  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • MLB The Show 2019

These 2 games are valued at €59.98 (which is a decrease in value from last month), but are free for you PlayStation Plus subscribers this month.

PlayStation Plus Games October

The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered - PS4
The Last of Us Remastered – PS4


The Last of Us is an action adventure horror game.

You play as Joel who is tasked with smuggling a young girl named Ellie across the United States to a safe house. You traverse multiple types of environments and encounter flesh eating mutants as well as human enemies, using stealth, guns and improvised weapons to advance through each environment.

The game has been praised for it’s devotion to the detail present in a post apocalyptic world. As you make your way through the game you can see evidence of this in each carefully crafted environment.

The Last of Us is widely recognized as one of the best selling video games of all time and won multiple Game of the Year awards in 2013.

OK, so I’m going to make a bit of a video game confession here. I have not yet played The Last Of Us. Yes I know that’s just nuts, and I even found the game in the charity shop not too long ago for pennies. With that said though, I have no excuse now to try it out so watch this space.

Release Date

July 2014


Naughty Dog


Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI)

Price before PS Plus



Shooter Adventure

Metacritic Score

95/100 – The Last of Us Remastered – Metacritic

Trophy Hunting

My Take

I’m sure not many people were surprised that this game made it into this month’s PS Plus lineup. Especially considering how it was announced during the State of Play following a spine tingling trailer for it’s upcoming sequel in 2020.

Given this game has a Metacritic rating of 95/100, it’s likely most people have already played the Last of Us in some shape or form. Whether it be the original version on the PlayStation 3 or in fact the remastered version on PlayStation 4.

Regardless, it seems like the perfect time for fans of the series to think about replaying it ahead of the sequel.

What’s more, having this game announced for free for PlayStation Plus members gives those who have never played the game a chance to try their hand at it. This could potentially lead to a larger following, if that’s even possible, looking forward to The Last Of Us Part 2.

This is all why this seems like a pretty logical choice of game for this month’s PlayStation Plus which I’m sure a lot of fans will be happy about.

MLB The Show 2019

MLB the show 19
MLB the show 19


This game is a baseball simulator which allows you to capture the thrill of playing baseball as your favorite team of players.

The game offers a career mode as you’d expect as well as the ability to play in an online environment against other gamers.

What’s more, you can play as baseball stars past and present which is sure to be a nostalgic treat for baseball fans out there.

The realism of each baseball player is truly stunning and demonstrates just how far gaming graphics have come.

Even if you’re not blown away by the idea of a baseball sim, it’s worth trying this game out to experience the stunning graphics.

Release Date

March 2019


SIE San Diego Studio


Sony Interactive Entertainment

Price before PS Plus



Baseball / Sport Simulator

Metacritic Score

86/100 – MLB The Show 2019 – Metacritic

Trophy Hunting

My Take

It’s fair to say that this is the polar opposite when compared to The Last Of Us. That’s a positive in my opinion.

This is the perfect example of a game that I would definitely never play, but when offered on a plate for free it’s definitely incentive enough to give it a try.

Sure, as someone who is Irish and isn’t exactly up to speed with the rules of baseball I’m not sure if this will appeal to me but it’ll cost me nothing to see.

The game itself fares pretty well according to Metacritic so this seems like another solid choice of game overall in my opinion.

Conclusions and Observations

So that’s it for another month of PlayStation Plus games. Overall nothing controversial this month which is a welcome relief.

This month’s games offer a bit of variety of gaming as well as some incentive to try something out if you haven’t already like me.

When you think about it, that’s what I would see as being the point of PlayStation Plus.

Sure you want to play the newest, best-rated triple A game but why not take the path less traveled and play a game you would never otherwise think of playing. You might find yourself discovering a new favorite game or series which in itself is a great feeling.

PlayStation Plus Games October Monthly Stats

You will find the stats for this month below:

Average Cost before PS PlusAverage Metacritic RatingAverage CompletionGenres
€59.98 90.519.5Sport Sim, Adventure shooter

Don’t forget to check out the updated PlayStation Plus Stats article which I’ve updated with this month’s stats.

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