My trip to the car boot sale - Was it worth it

My trip to the car boot sale – Was it worth it?

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My trip to the car boot sale - Was it worth it
My trip to the car boot sale – Was it worth it


OK, so there’s not exactly a wealth of retro gaming resources where I am. With this in my mind, a few weeks a go I decided to try something different and take a trip to a local car boot sale.

We went to a car boot sale not too far away. I had been to this place previously but not very recently so I really wasn’t too sure what to expect from a gamer’s perspective.

Getting to the car boot

As the car boot sale runs each Sunday, this meant sacrificing my precious lie in to get up and going early in the morning!

The car boot sale opens from 8am so we wanted to arrive before all the potentially good deals were gone. We eventually made it up through the rain on the way and after paying the entry fee of €3 we parked up and got going.

Scouting around the car boot

To get our bearings and what not, we started off by doing a casual stroll through the inside of the car boot.

This was mainly due to the rain. I quickly began to notice the odd few PS2 games which was really promising. They seemed to be priced pretty well.

As we continued around I came across potentially the best stall of the whole car boot sale.

A lot of retro gaming stuff. From PS2, PS1, Sega Master system, SNES games to consoles!

An original Xbox, a Sega Master System and a Nintendo Wii were in the display cabinet, with more bits and bobs behind the stall that we eyed up. This was my first real exposure to retro gaming in person!

I must say, I felt pretty uneducated about things, even with the amount of knowledge I have gained over the last few months.

We didn’t stay too long at this stall and continued our trip around by venturing to the outside part.

Though it was still raining, this didn’t seem to deter the sellers who were putting up tarps and raincoats.

There wasn’t much to speak of for sale outside other than plants and old tools and gardening supplies.

Continuing on, we took a second pass around inside and went back to the game stall we passed the first time. Looking at the array of games and consoles on display, I just didn’t see anything that I was really excited to buy for some reason.

Maybe it was the weather or who knows. We decided to cut our losses after a cup of tea and left the car boot sale with our wallets intact, minus the price of the tea of course.

The result

Unfortunately this time around no games were bought. I just didn’t get that exciting feeling of finding a great deal for a game I really wanted. I had an off day, maybe it was the weather. That didn’t deter me though and our backup plan entailed.

What I learned

Even though I didn’t pick anything up at the car boot sale I still learned a lot!

Hopefully the next time I go back I will find something great and make a purchase.

If you are interested in trying out a local car boot sale for yourself here is some useful advice:

  • Be prepared to circle around stalls multiple times rather than just immediately seeing a game and buying it. It gives you a chance to see what’s there and ensures that you don’t buy something at one stall that’s cheaper at another one. Do this at your own risk though in case someone else snaps up the game!
  • Have a backup plan if your initial plans fall through so you’re not left disappointed. For me, I knew there was a CEX shop in Kilkenny which was just down the road so this was my backup plan.
  • Things don’t always work out, as was the case for me, but that shouldn’t deter you from trying again or trying different things. I was pretty glad that I actually went to the car boot sale and I would probably do it again in the future.

Future plans

I would definitely love to experience more / better car boot sales both in Ireland and further afield.

I will definitely be scouting out potential trips on any vacations I might be going on.

What about you?

I would love to hear from you guys. Have you been to many car boot sales near you? What has been your overall experience? Let me know in the comments below.

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