Mario Tennis Aces Online Tournament

Mario Tennis Aces Online Tournament – What I thought

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I spent my weekend playing the Mario Tennis Aces European Online Tournament on the Nintendo Switch. The tournament took place from Friday 1st June at 3:00 PM ET to Sunday 3rd June at 11:59pm ET.

Overall, I thought this was fun way to spend the weekend. However, I just don’t think there is enough game play here to keep me hooked. In all honesty I don’t think I will be buying this game day 1 but I am looking forward to see what the fully released game contain.

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces is essentially a tennis game where you can play as a roster of characters from the Mario world. It sounds so exciting when I say it like that I know. There is a lot more to this game than meets the eye. The game play looks and feels great to play. The gaming mechanics are very fleshed out but not too difficult that anyone couldn’t just pick up a controller and start playing.

I am not too familiar with what the full game will offer in terms of game play when compared to the online tournament. Hopefully though, we will see a fuller character roster and more varied styles of game play.

Gamers won’t have long to wait though until the release date of June 22nd. The price for buying this game day one is €59.99 in Gamestop or €54.99 from Smyths Toys.

Online Tournament

The online tournament gave users the chance to take a hands on approach to playing the game before it is released on June 22nd.

Users who download and play in the tournament unlock the classic ‘Overalls Mario’ costume for use in the full game when it is released. This was a nice incentive to get people to take part who are fans of all things Mario.

As you play through the tournament your points and stats are tracked and the top ranking players will receive prizes once the top scorers are announced on the Nintendo website.

Winning my first match was such a thrill I will be honest but as I advanced through the tournament I found that I was just not that good 🙁 As with anything there is nearly always someone out there that just has the game down (cheating or not I don’t know but maybe I am just bitter). As a result, I was a bit disheartened at first but as I continued to log more hours to this game I found that my ability to play improved. I was able to land more trick shots, I was able to build up energy faster and I was able to master my serves almost perfectly which earned me quite a few wins.

At this point is where things started to plateau for me. As I continued to play I began to realize that this was just a tennis game, that I wasn’t likely to win a tournament (unless a miracle happened) and that I just wasn’t that interested anymore. At that point I switched over to Pokemon Quest and that was that.

In retrospect, a tennis game like this is not something that I can play in large doses. The idea of the online tournament is great to give people the chance to compete against each other but this just prompted me to overplay. I am sure when the game is released that the different game play types and an increased character roster will add a bit more variety but I am just not sold.


I did notice a little bit of lag every so often in the game I will be honest, but it happened very infrequently that it didn’t annoy me too much. Sticking to my guns that this caused me to lose a few matches.. definitely not down to my poor performance when I started playing.. not at all.

I honestly expected there to be some issues as there was likely a fair amount of load on the game servers. This was probably a great opportunity for developers to test this out on a larger scale to iron out any kinks.

Player Roster

When you begin, you can select from a roster of 4 players (Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Bowser). As you progress and earn more points you unlock more players.

I will admit this was my main incentive for playing this game as much as I did. Of course, it was a very hard slog to unlock the last character at 1500 points, but I persisted.

Yoshi was my trusty character of choice for most of my game play. Though I did notice that as I came up against the later unlocked characters that their skills were just much better than those of poor Yoshi. I found that I needed to switch things up and play as a character like Rosalina to be able to stand any chance in winning a tournament. Which alas I did not frequent..

Full Player Roster for the Online Tournament

Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Bowser are playable from the start of the tournament. However, in order to unlock the rest of the characters you need to acquire points by playing and winning matches.

The full character roster and the relevant points needed to unlock is as follows:

  • Waluigi – 100
  • Toad – 300
  • Spike – 600
  • Rosalina – 1000
  • Chain Chomp – 1500

What I Thought

The look and feel of this game is of a very high standard it has to be said. The graphics are vibrant, the interfaces are clean and the detail is very impressive for what boils down to a tennis game!

On the other hand, this is just a tennis game. For me, the price point of €55 – €60 is too much for me right now. Maybe when the game is a tad cheaper and the full game’s multiplayer looks like fun I might consider buying this second hand.

I don’t want to be too down on this game. I think it was an excellent idea to roll out this tournament so that gamers could have a way of reviewing the game before making a purchase. That and a little healthy competition is always a good idea with these types of games.

Final Remarks

For me, this game looks beautiful and plays well but it is too much money for me day 1.

Well that wraps things up on this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it if you are still here! If you had any similar or differing opinions from playing this online tournament please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear what you think!

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