15 Most Popular Gaming Terms And Their Meanings

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The culture of gaming, as with any culture, has developed a wide variety of gaming terms and abbreviations to refer to common gaming mechanics or practices.

These can be seen almost anywhere, even outside of the world of gaming. Some of these terms can seem strange and almost alien to most. You may even feel left out of certain conversations if you’re not up to date with the latest lingo.

This is why I have put together this list of gaming terms and their meanings. By reading this list, you’ll be able to easily understand and differentiate your Noobs from your Pros.

Most Popular Gaming Terms And Their Meanings
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1. AFK

The term AFK is an abbreviated term for “Away From Keyboard”. This is used by players online to signify that they are stepping away from the keyboard for a short period of time.

Most online multiplayer games now feature pre-made answers or comments and this term often features on that list as an option.

“AFK, about to have my dinner”

2. BRB

The term BRB is an abbreviation for “Be Right Back”. It is used during online multiplayer games to denote that you are leaving the game to take a break or get a drink.

Now that a lot of online games feature pre-made comments, this term often features on the list.

“BRB, need a cup of tea”

3. DLC

The term DLC stands for “Downloadable Content”. Most current generation video games offer additional content that can be downloaded, either for free or by paying for it.

Downloadable content can range from new equipment for your character to extra levels or stories that you can play through.

An example of this would be the Monster Hunter World: Iceborn DLC. This DLC that you pay for has enough content in it to pretty much justify it being its own game.

4. DPS

The term DPS stands for “Damage Per Second”. It is a term used most commonly in multiplayer online games. It denotes the amount of damage you can inflict per second with your weapon, magic, or other equipment.

Diablo 3 is an excellent example of a game that utilizes DPS. Increasing this value can vastly improve your chances of winning which can be the difference between beginner and advanced gamers.

5. Easter Eggs

The term Easter Eggs in gaming refers to secrets that are hidden in video games by video game developers. Easter Eggs can range from a simple printed message to a hidden character or even a special event based on user action.

Avid gamers will spend countless hours seeking out Easter Eggs in video games that were created by the game’s developers.

6. GG

The term GG is an abbreviation of “Good Game”. It is a polite way of showing good sportsmanship at the end of a game.

Most online games now feature premade actions or comments and this term is usually on the list.

7. Grinding

The term grinding in gaming refers to the process of carrying out repetitive tasks or actions to level up a character or collect resources.

Some gamers love grinding for upgrades whereas others find it a chore, it depends on your preference and how the game is designed.

One of the most popular examples of games that feature grinding as a mechanic is the Final Fantasy series of games.

8. Lag

The term Lag is used to denote a delay (latency) between the gamer interacting with the game and the game responding i.e. a long time between pressing the X button and the character jumping.

In most cases, this is caused by internet connection speeds during online multiplayer games.

“The Lag is unbearable”

9. Noob

The term noob describes a person that is inexperienced or has little knowledge in a game or a concept.

The term originated in the online gaming space and is a take on the word newbie referring to a person that is new to something.

“I’m such a Noob at this game, I’ve never played it before”

10. NPC

The term NPC is an abbreviation for “Non Playable Character”. This gaming term refers to any characters in a video game that are not controlled by you or other players.

An excellent example of NPCs in a game is in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim which features dozens of NPCs that exist in the game for you to interact with.

11. PVE

The term PVE is an abbreviation for “Player Vs Environment”. This is the opposite of the term PVP (Player Vs Player) and refers to the environment of gameplay i.e. a player against their environment.

Role-playing games (RPGs) are an excellent example of this term in action. Some examples of PVE games include: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, The Witcher 3, and Monster Hunter World.

12. PVP

The term PVP is an abbreviation for “Player Vs Player”. This term denotes the environment of the matchup in game i.e. players against other players.

Some examples of PVP games include: Fortnite, PubG and Apex Legends.

13. Pwned

The term Pwned is used in gaming to refer to someone that has been defeated by an opponent in a humiliating way.

“Woah, you got Pwned in that match”

14. Rez

Most commonly in gaming, the term Rez is used to denote the resurrection of a dead player i.e. when you die, you can Rez back into the game.

This term is most commonly used in MMO style games where you sometimes have the option to revive when you die.

Outside of gaming, the term Rez can often refer to resolution i.e. the pixel dimensions of a screen or similar.

15. Shovelware

The term Shovelware in gaming is used to refer to video games that are of a poor-quality and low-budget.

This is most commonly seen in video games that are based on TV shows or movies where the game’s development was rushed leading to a poor quality game.


We were able to cover a lot of useful gaming terms in this article, thank you for making it to the end!

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