Gamer Challenge - What I've learned from No New Games Month

Gamer Challenge – What I’ve learned from No New Games Month

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Gamer Challenge - What I've learned from No New Games Month
Gamer Challenge – What I’ve learned from No New Games Month


Is it just me or has this month been incredibly long? Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, today marks the end of my first gamer challenge: No New Games Month (NNGMonth). I feel.. enlightened I guess you could say.

This challenge has been great fun to do, despite the challenges, and I have learned quite a lot.

In this post I want to talk about how my month of not buying new games and consoles has been.

What I enjoyed, didn’t enjoy, what I would do differently and what I have learned.

Gamer Challenge – Some Background

Just to give you some background on what I’ve been doing for the last month, I’ve been taking part in a gamer challenge that I am calling No New Games Month or #NNGMonth.

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What I Enjoyed

Overall I would say this was a challenging but enjoyable month. At first, the idea of resisting the temptation to buy games sounded almost impossible.

I had to remind myself that I did have some motivation to take part in this challenge and I felt it would help me to appreciate my collection more. Still a difficult task.

So to alleviate my desire to go out searching and thrifting, I started really getting into playing the games in my collection.

This was without doubt the part that I enjoyed the most with this challenge. I didn’t really follow any strategy to playing the games, I just spent some time each day looking through my collection and picking a game or two that looked interesting for one reason or another.

I would play that game for a decent amount of time to see if I enjoyed it and if I did, I kept playing, if I didn’t, well at least I tried!

Over the course of the month I tried out a large amount of games and I really and truly enjoyed almost all of the games I played. I wasn’t too upset when there was a game I didn’t enjoy.

Games were played for a decent amount of time to try and get into the game play but if the game just didn’t interest me I didn’t continue playing it.

I know this might seem a bit crass but for the sake of this challenge and being able to play a large number of games I just moved on.

I am considering replaying some of the games I didn’t enjoy too much over the next few weeks to see if it was just my mindset at the time or if I genuinely didn’t enjoy the game.

What I Didn’t Enjoy

You may have guessed it if you have read this far but the least enjoyable part of the challenge for me was not buying games and consoles.

Well this is a challenge right?, and challenges are meant to be a challenge! So I guess there I succeeded.

The allure of the gaming shops and pawn shops often proved to be very difficult to avoid. I should say that for the most part, I pretty much avoided my usual shops completely.

I knew if something caught my eye it would be too much to resist.

There was one or two occasions where I might have wandered into the pawn shop or the charity shop with friends but I was able to not buy anything I swear!!

What I Would Do Differently

One of the things I would do differently would be to set a target goal for the number of games to play each week. I definitely found myself lacking in motivation at various points throughout the month game wise.

So potentially a mini goal such as that would have kept me motivated. Something to think about anyway if I decide to take part in this challenge again.

I think generally, some more planning wouldn’t have hurt with this challenge.

Planning what games I would play, planning other projects and hobbies to work on for the month, things to keep me occupied and interested.

Gamer Challenge – What I Have Learned

Ultimately, I learned a lot over the last month, which makes me feel more justified in doing this challenge in the first place.

It wasn’t a completely silly idea.

I learned a lot about all of the new games I tried; which types of games I enjoy and which I don’t.

This is food for thought as I begin to venture back to the real world to go hunting for games and consoles.

I also learned more about this whole area of collecting vs gaming and where I fit into it. I began to realize the aspects that I enjoy about collecting games and consoles.

For instance, I really enjoy being able to find that great deal on a game in the pawn shop or finding an old console from the charity shop that I could take home and repair. For me this is definitely a hobby that I enjoy doing.

Most importantly of all, I have come back to my love and appreciation of playing the games that I collect. Perhaps over the last while, the collecting part of my brain took over from the gaming part.

This in turn resulted in an increase in my collection of games that I did not play. I was playing games, but they were often the same group of games over and over again. I didn’t really venture outside of those sets of games.

Going forward though, this will be a different story.

By trying out new games and then enjoying them, it has reinforced the idea in my mind that it is possible to enjoy a lot of games.


So there you have it, that’s how my month has been.

Where am I off to now? Probably to the charity shop..

What did you think about this gaming challenge? Have you taken part in a gaming challenge yourself or would you be tempted to try out something like NNGMonth?

Let me know what you think, it would be great to hear from you.

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