Gamer Challenge #PS2Vember

Gamer Challenge #PS2Vember

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Gamer Challenge #PS2Vember
Gamer Challenge #PS2Vember


So here we are, here is the big reveal!

A few weeks ago on my Instagram feed I teased that I was planning some fun posts for the month of November to showcase my love for the PS2.

The idea came to me when I was rummaging through my collection to try and find any Spyro games I had (in case you didn’t know there’s a new one coming out in November and I am quite excited!!!!).

I realized I actually owned quite a few PS2 games in general, most of which I have had since I was young and enjoyed playing to no end.

So then I thought, why not showcase these amazing games and see if anyone else enjoyed them too.

A gamer challenge? tell me more!

Tell me more I hear you ask. Well, with the idea fresh in my mind I started amassing my games and grouping them into game series.

There was a lot. I remembered playing a lot of these games and had some great memories.

This is definitely a good idea for a series of posts, right?

OK, now for the logistics of this thing. The idea is that over the course of the 30 days in November, each day I will share a game or game series that I really enjoy.

These games will likely be those that I have enjoyed playing in the past or that I have in my collection but have never even played.

Along with each post I’ll explain a bit about what I remember from the games, as well as what I enjoyed about them.

Hopefully this will add a bit of nostalgia to the whole thing.

Sounds brilliant I hear you exclaim! God you’re easy to please.

OK, so what will be the most fun for me will be playing these games!

I will attempt to play one of these games each day to relive the memories or try something new as the case may be.

Uh oh, not another hashtag – #PS2Vember

So naturally I needed to come up with a catchy hashtag for this Gamer challenge right?

Everybody enjoyed #NNGMonth so much..

Well to be honest, the best I could come up with was #PS2Vember; though I think it works well.

Hopefully if you enjoy my posts throughout the month you will be able to show your own PS2 appreciation using the hashtag!

I will be recapping each week’s set of posts here on the blog in case you want to see it here instead of on my social channels.

If you are so inclined you can mainly check out each day’s post on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles.

Feel free to stay tuned and if you enjoy any of the posts leave me a comment or share a photo of your own using the #PS2Vember hashtag!

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