Gamer Challenge – No New Games Month

Gamer Challenge – No New Games Month

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Those of you that have been following my Instagram feed will know that I enjoy collecting video games. Over the last number of months alone my collection has grown a lot, with the result that my gaming backlog has significantly increased. The pile of games just stares at me every time I add more to it; taunting me. So I decided to set myself a gaming challenge. I decided to not buy any video games, physical or digital, for 1 month.

I love my collecting

I have come back to gaming and collecting in the last few months because I love playing video games and always have. I love playing the games that I played when I was younger and I love discovering new games that I have never played.

I also have a predisposition to collecting. Over the years I have collected a lot as a hobby, from Pokémon cards to Beanie Babies to whatever.

The rules of the challenge

So the rules I am setting myself for this challenge are fairly simple:

  • No purchasing of games – physical or digital for 1 month – from 1st August to 31st August.
  • No purchasing of any new games consoles for 1 month – not including console peripherals like controllers, memory cards, power supplies.
  • This does not apply to items I already have on order from Ebay or similar.
  • For the month of August I will only be playing video games that I have never played before in my collection.

Sounds grand right!? I hope so..

Why I am setting this challenge

My main reason for undertaking this challenge is to appreciate what I have rather than constantly looking to buy more and more games. As I mentioned, I have quite a large backlog of games that I haven’t ever played which is quite a waste when I think about why I decided to start collecting video games in the first place.

I want to be able to enjoy playing all of my video games and to try new games. Even if I don’t enjoy a game, at least then I will know and I can move it on so it wont just be gathering dust on my shelf.

It also couldn’t hurt my wallet for a month not buying so much video game stuff!!

Documenting along the way

Throughout the month I will be checking in regularly to keep you updated on how I am doing so as to hold myself accountable for this challenge. Hopefully I wont slip!

I will be posting to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #NNGMonth (No New Games Month) if you want to follow me throughout the month.

My twitter handle is @gamercreatrix and you can find my on Instagram at Gamercreatrix.

I will be sharing my struggles to resist purchases, talking about new games I have been playing and how I am doing along the way.

How about you

Here is where I want to hear from you.

Have you tried this sort of a challenge before?
Do you like setting yourself video game related challenges?
What kind of video game related challenges have you set yourself?
How have you fared with your video game challenges?
Were you able to stick to it or did you fail?

I would love to hear from you so please do leave a comment below

Wish me luck!!

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