Gaming How Tos

The how tos section contains everything you need to know about maintaining your consoles & peripherals. From teardowns and repair guides to cleaning tips and advice for building your gaming toolkit. This section is for the tinkerers.

Best benefits of playing video games - cover image

6 Best Benefits of Playing Video Games

Playing video games is such a great hobby that it turns out has many benefits. Not only benefits to your mental health and well being, but to your physical health also. You might not think you are doing yourself any good sitting down to a session of Horizon Zero Dawn or Crash Team Racing but surprisingly you’re wrong.

My gaming toolkit for tear downs and repairs

My ultimate gaming toolkit for tear downs and repairs

I had some free time over the long weekend to read through some of my older blog posts. Doing this made me realize that something I have never done a post about is my gaming toolkit. The toolkit I use when I’m taking apart gaming consoles, controllers and doing repairs.