11 Guaranteed Ways To Become A Better Gamer

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Becoming a better gamer might be something you are striving towards for many reasons.

Maybe you want to become a better gamer so you can professional gamer or streamer? Or maybe you just want to be a better gamer to beat your siblings more as they’re constantly crushing you at Call of Duty.

Whatever your motivations, getting better at gaming can be easily achieved through practice and by taking on board some of these tips that we’ll cover in this article.

Let’s take a look!

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1 Learn The Controls Of A Game Inside Out

Better Gamer - Game Controls

A pretty simple step you can take to become a better gamer is simply to learn and understand the control scheme of the game you’re playing.

All games have their own unique control scheme, that is, how you interact with the game based on the buttons pressed.

As console generations have developed over time and games have become much more sophisticated, so too have controllers and what they can do. Remember a time when there were no thumbsticks on controllers?

With that said though, by learning the control scheme and practicing frequently, it’ll become second nature what buttons to press and when.

This will also increase your reaction times as you’ll instinctively know when to press O to dodge or whatever the case may be.

Games don’t necessarily come with manuals any more that outline the controls.

Fortunately, in the digital age we live in, there is no shortage of wikis and guides that can easily show you the ropes.

2 Avoid Cheap Third Party Controllers

This might sound a bit high and mighty to say but generally in my experience, first-party controllers are often the best in terms of quality, battery life, and durability.

I’ll be completely honest here, I have bought third party controllers in the past, thinking I was saving money.

Unfortunately, I found this wasn’t the case as after a short time using them they would just die. The thumbstick would fall off or the battery simply died.

This then resulted in me having to buy yet another controller after such a short amount of time.

On a functional level, it’s worth mentioning also that the quality is generally pretty inferior on cheap controllers.

When you compare using them next to first-party controllers, you can quickly identify differences in things like the triggers not being as responsive or the controller itself not being that nice to hold.

Something like this can seriously decrease your ability to play a video game well.

With all of this in mind, going the route of a first-party controller will save you a lot in the long run.

Here is an Amazon link (affiliate link) to a PS4 first-party controller: Sony PS4 Controller.

3 Have A Second Controller To Swap When You Need To

Better Gamer - Second Controller

In keeping with the discussion on controllers, it’s a good idea to have at least one spare controller in your collection.

This is super useful when the battery runs out on your primary controller and you need to charge it.

With a second controller, you can simply swap them over while you charge the dead one.

This means that you have much less downtime when gaming which lets you game for longer.

See the section above for the link to buy a first party PS4 controller.

4 Consider Investing In A Charging Station So You Don’t Run Out Of Battery

On the subject of charging controllers, this used to be a nightmare for me. I already had cables all over the place charging various other devices; never mind charging my controllers.

I didn’t like the idea of adding yet another cable for the sole purpose of charging my controller.

With that in mind, I invested in a dedicated charging station which seems to have solved the problem at least for me. The charging station is set up on my media unit without the extra effort of cable management and whatnot.

Now when my controller is out of battery I can simply place the controller into the charging dock and forget about it until it’s fully charged.

Dedicated charging stations seem to be pretty popular from what I’ve seen from gamers on Instagram anyway and this is something I would highly recommend you try out.

Here is a link to the charging station I use for you to check out: PDP Charging Station – PS4.

5 Play Lots Of Types Of Games

Someone new to the world of video games could be easily overwhelmed at the different genres and sub-genres that exist today.

Every time I check the list of video game genres on Wikipedia it seems to have grown since the last time I checked.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not see this as a bad thing but as a good thing.

Different genres of games allow for completely different experiences and play styles.

From action-adventure games to side-scrolling games to beat em ups, there are so many types to choose from.

Some might argue that to become a better gamer in a specific genre that you should concentrate solely on making yourself an expert in that area.

While I agree with that statement, I think to become a better all-around gamer you should immerse yourself in lots of different types of games.

You simply don’t know if you’ll like a type of game until you try it.

You might find a new game that becomes your new favorite.

By exploring all that video games has to offer, that experience will make you a better gamer.

6 Understand The Game Mechanics Of Different Genres Of Games

As we talked about in the previous tip, there are so many genres of games that exist right now.

With that in mind, all of these genres of games have different mechanics to how they work which is what makes them unique.

Battle Royale games, which have become popular in recent years with the launch of games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, have elements like survival last man standing, exploration, and scavenging for resources.

Platform games, like Little Big Planet, feature the mechanics of simply jumping and climbing to navigate through levels.

Each genre and even sub-genre of game offers defined mechanics that with time and practice you can master to become a better gamer.

As we’ve mentioned previously, check out the wealth of online resources like YouTube channels and Gaming Wikis to help you to master different genres of games.

7 Use Skill Trees Or Character Loadouts Effectively

The Witcher 3 is an example of a game with an in-depth skill tree

This tip applies mostly to games with RPG elements like skill trees or character loadouts. The Witcher 3 is a great example here.

Such a great game!

Spending time to carefully select each piece of armor to wear before venturing out into battle will often be the difference between victory or defeat during combat.

Similarly, a game like The Witcher 3 features a very well designed skill tree. You can sink a lot of time using the skill tree to prepare for each scenario you could potentially face.

Some games, like Monster Hunter World, for example, allow you to save equipment loadouts for different scenarios depending on the monsters you are up against.

This saves you lots of time as you can easily swap between loadouts that you know are going to be the most effective.

Spend some time at the outset of these types of games, understanding and trying out skill trees and equipment loadouts to step your gaming skills up to the next level.

8 Watch How To Videos For Games With In-Depth Mechanics

A lot of games these days are so in-depth and immense that you couldn’t possibly understand how everything works.

Monster Hunter World is the perfect example of this for me.

Those that are new to this franchise would find it quite a steep learning curve to become familiar with the wealth of mechanics and systems in this game.

Though I’m sure many would agree that Monster Hunter World is a great entry point into this series.

With that in mind, getting stuck on some aspect of the game simply requires a trip to YouTube or PSN Profiles.

Lots of amazing individuals have spent a ton of time creating various how-to guides and walkthroughs for all aspects of the game.

I found this particularly helpful in trying to pick out the best armor for a specific battle as I kept getting wiped out.

In the digital age that we live in, there’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t look to the internet to help you become a better gamer through videos and guides.

9 Remember To Take Breaks

I know what you’re going to say.. OK mom, whatever!

Look I get it, taking breaks seems like an unnecessary chore. You want to game as much as you can.

That’s fair enough, but for me, I found that by taking frequent breaks to go get a glass of water or make a cup of tea, I was able to continue gaming for a longer period without getting headaches from eye strain.

What is technically advised in most games is that you take a 10 – 15 minute break every hour.

Another advantage of taking a break is that it can reduce the skull-crushing frustration of being stuck on a difficult part in a game.

I’ve been there; as we speak I’m still trying to get the Flappy Goat trophy in Goat Simulator.. a trophy that seems increasingly out of reach as time progresses. The number of times I felt like smashing my controller against the wall was not even funny.

But, by taking a break from the game for a while and coming back after 10 minutes I was able to play a little better if not calmer.

Mind you I still haven’t gotten the stupid trophy so this is likely an exception to the rule. 🙁

10 Drink Plenty Of Water To Stay Hydrated

Water! Are you drinking enough water?

You have no idea how positive the effects are of staying hydrated throughout the day.

In fact, when your brain gets dehydrated, it actually shrinks slightly which is why you start to get headaches. Creepy right?

By drinking enough water each day and even during your gaming sessions you’ll find that you’ll reduce your risk of headaches and you’ll be able to concentrate more intently on what you’re doing.

This isn’t just a gaming tip but a life tip.

Invest in a super cool water bottle and always have it within arms reach and you won’t even have to think about getting your daily amount of water.

Check out this Minecraft inspired water bottle that looks pretty cool.

Bonus Tip: Remember That Gaming Is For Fun

At the end of the day, for most people anyway, gaming is a super fun hobby.

Remember that the next time you’re getting destroyed by your friends in a round of Apex Legends.

Think about the fun and happiness you get from playing video games as an escape from reality at the end of a long day.


There you have it, that is my recommended list of ways to become a better gamer, plus a bonus tip for making it this far!

Whether you try out one or all of these tactics, you should see a difference in the way you think about playing video games and then hopefully an improvement in your gaming abilities.

With that being said, I really hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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