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6 Best Benefits of Playing Video Games

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Playing video games is such a great hobby that it turns out has many benefits.

Not only benefits to your mental health and well being, but to your physical health also.

You might not think you are doing yourself any good sitting down to a session of Horizon Zero Dawn or Crash Team Racing but surprisingly you’re wrong.

In researching to put together this infographic I came across numerous studies citing the benefits of playing video games.

Moderation is important too mind you. A gaming session of 12-24 hours isn’t going to do anyone any good not surprisingly.

Based on the research I carried out from these various studies, I created a great infographic that you can find below.

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1 Help you relax

Playing video games are a great way of shutting your brain off after a long day at work or school.

Focusing on something other than those things stressing you out during the day will help you to relax and unwind.

2 Improve your eyesight

Studies show that playing video games can actually improve your eyesight.

This hobby has been proven to reduce the affects of Amblyopia or Lazy Eye disorder in those suffering from this condition.

3 Improve your social skills

Being part of a gaming group or a squad will vastly improve your interpersonal and communication skills.

To be successful on a team, you need to communicate effectively to complete a goal or task.

Not to mention this has the benefit of making new friends.

4 Help you stay fit

Some games encourage you to get up and stay active in order to succeed.

Think of Pokemon Go as an example. This game tasks players with getting out of the house and walking distances to collect Pokemon.

There are a number of other fitness related games available that also encourage you to stay fit and active.

5 Slow down aging

Continued playing of video games over time will keep your brain active and healthy.

This has the impact of keeping your mind sharp when you need it.

6 Improve your decision making

Completing tasks in a game requires a level of decision making.

Being able to think critically and make these decisions are great for improving this ability in real world applications.


Here is the great infographic I created to share this information with you. Feel free to pin and share this infographic to share the benefits of playing video games with everyone.

6 best benefits of playing video games
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I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. Whatever your reasons for playing video games I’m sure you can rest a little easier knowing that they have added benefits.

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