6 Tips for starting a video game collection of your very own

6 Tips for starting a video game collection of your very own

6 Tips for starting a video game collection of your very own

The idea of starting a video game collection can seem like a daunting prospect what with the vast number of games available for each console and with only more being added everyday.

While it can be a big undertaking, it can also be a really rewarding experience. Owning the games that you played as a youngster and being able to play them again as an adult(ish) is something special.

Starting small and being patient about building your collection will see you hitting your collecting achievements in no time and you will have some fun along the way. That is something I really enjoy about collecting and playing video games, the story behind the game. Finding and buying the thing is half the fun sometimes, especially when you root out an absolute bargain.

While I don’t personally have a vast vast collection of video games, I have done quite a bit of research on the subject and at this point I believe I have a number of useful tips to get you started with building a video game collection of your own.

1. Do it for the right reasons

Probably the most important thing about starting a video game collection is making sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Most people start their collection to relive childhood nostalgia or they want to just explore their love of gaming or even to just have a piece of history on your shelf.

Whatever your motivation for starting your collection, make sure it is something that you love to do; that will make the whole process more enjoyable.

2. Have a specific collection in mind, even just to start with

This is a useful tip to keep you focused on your collection path. Whether it be collecting all games for a particular console or collecting all the games in a video game franchise like Pokémon or Spyro, having a goal is important to keep you motivated.

3. Know your prices

Stepping into a video game store or searching for games online will be a maze of different prices, so knowing this information in advance will be the key to getting your games at a good price, saving you money in the long run.

I oftentimes use a website such as PriceCharting.com to get a rough idea of the current value of a game I might be looking for, either loose or CIB (Complete in Box). That way if I can find a game in a charity shop or a pawn shop that’s less than that price, I know I am getting a good deal.

4. Stick to your price

I’ve been there.. many times.. you have minutes left in an Ebay auction. You are the winning bid until some lovely individual decides to jump in and bid higher. Not wanting to be outdone you increase your bid. And this goes on until the auction is over. Maybe you won, in which case that’s excellent, but then you notice how much the lovely item you have coveted so much is after costing you. Sigh. Don’t let this be you!

Have a target price that you are willing to bid to and don’t exceed it. You can do it!! If you win you win, but if you don’t then what harm, there is always next time, and at least you still have some money to play with for the next one.

5. Search in lots of different places

Ebay, local buy and sell websites like DoneDeal or Adverts in Ireland, Charity Shops, Pawn Shops, even your parents’ attic can be a place to find some great games. I’ve made a list of places like this in my article Where are places to buy games or consoles in Waterford City, which you can check out if you enjoy this post. It pays to shop around too. If you see something in the Pawn shop and you think it’s a great deal but you’re not sure, then have a quick search online to see if you can buy it cheaper elsewhere. If you can’t do this, take a look when you get home to be sure you’re getting the game at the best price.

If you know a friend or relative that might be getting rid of their old video games, let them know you might be able to take some off their hands for a reasonable price. There is opportunity to buy games almost anywhere; within reason.

6. Be patient !!

This is definitely the hardest item in the list to follow. Being patient and letting certain purchases slide can be heartbreaking I know but if its not meant to be its not meant to be.

Don’t just buy a game because you are there and it is there in the same place. Think about things logically before you part with your cash so you don’t feel instantly guitly about your purchase.

Bonus Points – Don’t be a ****

Be kind and respectful to others. They have the same interest in gaming as you at the end of the day and life would just be too depressing if we didn’t all get along as gamers.

If for instance you find a large haul of video games, just buy what you need and leave some of the other gems for others to find!

You’ll get there

If you take on board some or even all of these tips for starting your game collection then there is no telling how far you’ll go. You may even branch out your collections to other areas. The only limit you have is the space in your house!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you were able to learn something useful. If you have anything to say please leave me a message in the comments below.

Until Next Time!

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This post was written by me, Michelle. I have a huge love of gaming and created this blog to be able to share my thoughts and opinions on lots of gaming topics.

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